A Solution that Works for Everyone

There is a cost-effective way to remove huge amounts of carbon from the atmosphere – so much that when most farming/ranching is done this way we will remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we add each year.

This is a natural method of farming and ranching that takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and locks it in the soil.

It also increases yields while producing nutritious, non-toxic food at lower costs.

Because it builds good soil it reduces water use, erosion and the risk of flooding, while maturing the soil ecology so that weed seeds do not germinate.

This program is a proven, scientific, ecological farming and ranching method that can be quickly and easily learned.

We currently have the knowledge and training programs necessary, but we must act soon.

How It's Done

The only cost-effective way to remove large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere is to use the breakthroughs in regenerative agriculture that cause large amounts of carbon to be locked in the soil.

These methods are based on increasing the microbiology in the soil so that the full spectrum of organisms is present in an ecologically balanced system known as the soil food web.

These are the Key Elements Required for Creating a Fully Operational Soil Food Web

  • No-till farming

  • Cover planting with diverse communities of plants that are perennials preferably

  • Use of high-quality, solid compost which has been carefully created to add the needed microbiology to the soil along with the food needed for the organisms to thrive

  • Use of liquid compost extracts and teas for adding the missing microbial species to both the soil and as a plant armor for disease resistance

  • Where livestock are involved the use of Holistic Grazing Management or Adaptive Multi-paddock Grazing to increase the soil organic matter while boosting yield and biodiversity as shown in the video below