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Carbon Sequestration in Soils

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is a greenhouse gas, is the biggest contributor to the climate crisis. Carbon offset programs usually seek to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere and this is good. However, it is taking too long to make the switch away from fossil fuels. We need to simultaneously, and quickly, remove enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to give us the time we need to make the switch.

Microbial Compost Facts and Benefits

Good compost is decayed organic material such as leaves, wood chips, manure, compostable packaging or food waste which is used to introduce the soil organisms and the organic material needed to build healthy, living soils.

Bad compost is similar decayed organic matter that has not been properly sourced and prepared and may harbor plant diseases and toxic substances that can damage plants.

VIDEO - Carbon Sequestration in Soils

In the video below Jimmy Sinton delivers a presentation on carbon sequestration in soils at the Living Soils Symposium Montreal, hosted by Regeneration Canada at Concordia University. (15 Oct 2017)

VIDEO - Soil Solutions to Climate Problems

Michael Pollen narrates the video below by SoilSolution.org that explores soil solutions to climate problems.

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